Japan Diary: Kyoto - Temples & Kurama

On our last day in Kyoto we spent most of it visiting various temples.

We then made our way to Kinkakuji where the first two floors are made of gold leaf!!

I bought some dango as a snack because we hadn't had lunch after visiting the temples early on. Right as I went to take a bite there was a gush of wind and the next thing you know my hair was covered in brown syrup :O

I thought I got most of it out but at the end of the night I found syrup still stuck in my hair! It was WILD

We made our way to Kurama, a small rural town about an hour away from the city centre in Kyoto. It was freezing that day and more so in Kurama which explained why we got to see snow! I was super excited even though it was only a light sprinkling of snow!

By the time we arrived in Kurama we were starving - I was basically snacking all day on onigiri and dried bananas so we went looking for food! I was so thankful we found this place because it was a small town there wasn't much open and especially since we arrived in the late afternoon!

We decided to go back to the Nishiki Markets and explore a little bit more before having dinner and on our way we came across this shop with the cutest donuts ever!!