Japan Diary: Hiroshima - Okunoshima, Rabbit Island

Part 1 of 2

During our 10th day in Japan, we caught the train from Shin Osaka to Taisho to make our way to Hiroshima. From Hiroshima we went to Hiro Station followed by Tadano-umi Station where we caught the ferry to Rabbit Island! It was Wilson's idea to go to Rabbit Island - I never knew this island existed. 

Making our way to Rabbit Island

No one knows how the rabbits got onto the island or how many there are but from our afternoon there it seemed like hundreds and hundreds of them. There were rabbits that were so small and I tried to get a photo with one next to my shoe to compare.

It was about a four hour round trip and since we missed lunch we rushed to this Okonomiyaki Place which we had planned to go to. Traditionally, Okonomiyaki is a seafood pancake but in Hiroshima they've got their own special twist to it with noodles. It was lucky that this place also did a vegan version too!