Japan Diary: Kyoto

In the morning, Luan and I went for a bike ride. The air was nice and crisp and I liked how it made me feel wide awake. 

We then made our way to Yamazaki's Distillery. I tried whisky for the first time and learnt about the process for making it. I really enjoyed the smell - but taste not so much.

Our next stop was a vegan cafe called Vegan's Cafe and Restaurant and they made the best soy soft serve ice cream!

We wanted to visit the temples but by the time we finished lunch it was already quite late and most of the temples closed around 4pm. We decided to head to the Nikishiki Market and also stopped by the Disney store on the way.

Wondering around Kyoto and stumbled across this temple that was open during the evening and night:

We hadn't eaten for hours since lunch and stopped by a random bar. My diet in Kyoto literally consisted of soy soft serve and tempura pumpkin, it was so good though!