MARCH 2015

In March I started placement and wasn't able to take as many pictures because it was a busy and stressful month. However, I did go to the Pure Vegan and Wine Festival and these are some photos from that afternoon:


1. the delicious pizza bar 2. probably the biggest wok i’d seen with vegan paella! 3 + 4 + 5. some of the things on offer 6 + 7 delicious cupcakes by fakery bakery 8. this zucchini fritter & coconut cream noodles I had mmm! It was really amazing to see the amount of food on offer there that was all cruelty free and vegan! :)

To make me feel less stressed I would wonder around my neighbour hood and capture anything that'd catch my eye including my neighbour's photogenic cat, the plants along the street. Also I had to take a photo of the pizza I had cos it was delicious yummm!