Photo diary

July 2015

Mornings in July were ever so quiet and it felt like the world was in a sleepy slumber. When I look back at the photos I took in July, it makes me go, "Did this all really happen in July?"

Glimpses of July: spending a day with Annie and Nick around round little shops in Adelaide and being a bit silly at Bunnings, celebrating Kimberley's 21st on a freezing night but the cafe was filled with people with such big warm hearts, meeting Vitoria & working with her on this set hereDays were spent mainly at uni and on placement or wondering through the city with Nick taking pictures of anything that caught our eye.

Images of the Wombats (above) by Luan.

June 2015

Waking up and getting out of bed was even harder during June. The bitter cold seeped through the walls and into my house. I spent most of my time indoors during last month, with the exception of going to placement and taking photos on the warmer and less drizzly days.

The forest I went to last month was dark and foreboding. There was a certain eeriness about it which frightened me a bit, but the excitement of visiting a new place propelled me to explore further. I wish that in Winter the sun would stay out for a little longer as I remember goosebumps all over to get these photos. I also visited Nutrition Republic on King William and had some delicious vegan brekky mmmm! Also a picture of my cat, Chicken leg is mandatory as he looked a little bit tearful that my brother wasn't paying attention to him (you can tell Chicken leg is an attention seeker).