SILKYBOW x Pandora

Jody from Silkybow and I had planned a shoot for an exciting collaboration with Pandora!! I have always been a fan of Pandora and I love how you can personalise it. Originally, this shoot was planned to be in the city... but at the last minute we decided to shoot at a forest. Little did we know that the forest is actually quite dark... and scary. There was not another person in sight, except for the odd car that passed by down the road. The forest was a little bit different from how I once visited about a year ago during the morning to watch the sunrise. However, both times it was absolutely freezing. And we picked the coldest day in June to shoot - oops! 

These are a few photos from the day, and on Jody's blog you can see a few other different ones. 

Thank you for reading! See you next time :)