Winter, 2015

Today is the first day of Spring - yet it still doesn't quite feel like it. The skies are still grey, and theres news that there will be a storm tomorrow. However, signs of spring are popping up throughout Adelaide - from the cherry blossom flowers in the Adelaide hills (and some in my backyard :)!!!! to the light lasting longer and longer each day.

June, July and August are my favourite. I loved falling asleep to the sound of rain and staying warm inside. Although most of winter I was inside, I did get a chance to take photos at times when the weather was kind and allowed me to do so.

In August, the cherry blossoms (one of my favourite flowers) started to bloom! I was so thankful this year to have a tree blooming in my back yard. Every year before that my dad would ALWAYS prune the tree at the wrong time. This meant that there were no flowers at all come August and September! But this year mum and I reminded him to not prune it and so we were blessed with blossoms. From the photos I realised that this month was spent eating a lot - but I like to justify that and say that it was because it was my birthday and I turned 21. I cooked dinner for a few friends and it was such a great night - lovely to see some friendly faces from uni I'd missed.

I thought I'd end this photo diary with photos of more food. It took a while to make all of the food, but it was worth it in the end. Everything pictured below is vegan: strawberry + raspberry chia parfait, raw strawberry cheezecake, beet rice, capsi pasta, cous cous salad, green salad, cold rolls, hummus (first time I ever made it & it looked like a sandpit in a bowl- whoops! still tasty tho) and sausage free rolls. Group photo taken by Luan.