Last week Annie, Lauren and I were finally able to work together to take some photos after re-scheduling so many times. We met up in the afternoon where the sun was shining brightly, and the skies were so blue without a cloud in sight. However, a couple hours later when we decided to finally shoot, we stepped outside and the whole sky was grey with even darker shades of grey in the direction where we wanted to head for the shoot. We had to think quickly because there was almost hardly any light, and it looked like it was going to pour any minute. Annie suggested shooting at a cemetery, even though it was a little spooky because there was not a soul in sight, we managed to take a couple of photos before it started to drizzle. Kudos to Lauren for braving it out in the cold for about fifteen minutes to get these photos!

Model: Lauren Bird

Make Up & Hair: Annie Dinh @ Arabella Hair & Make Up