What is your shooting style?

I'm not one to do the typical posed portrait or "pinterest" shots.

I want to capture how you felt, the mood and the moments in between. I'll give you direction and guidance of course! I'll be documenting what happens naturally. I'll ask you questions, get you talking and reminiscing to bring out those natural responses! I want it to feel like I'm your typical photographer friend documenting the day who loves to take photos of everything!

And of course I'll get the more "formal" family portraits and bridal party shots if you want!


We're shy and awkward in front of the camera - Is that okay?!

Don't stress - almost all of my clients tell me they're awkward about having their photo taken. But my job is to make you feel comfortable and break that awkward barrier. Just remember to be your self and remember how into each other you are, and you'll be alright!


When is the best time to take portraits?

I'd definitely recommend shooting in the late afternoon - especially an hour before the sunset. During the day especially in the middle of the day - the bright overhead sun can create strong highlights and dark shadows. So the best time to shoot would be in the late afternoon as harsh lighting is less of an issue. 


What sort of equipment do you use?

I shoot with a few camera bodies and prime lenses - I find it gives me the ability to really interact and really be a part of the day as I have to move!

When will we receive our images?

About 6-8 weeks. You’ll receive approximately 600-800 edited images.

Do you use backups?

Yes, always.

What are your rates?

My rates for a full day of coverage start at $4500.
To request an information sheet please contact me here.